Canadian Born Singer is Really Cooking

Mention the name Quinn Mills in many music circles and you’ll hear all sorts of laudatory commentary. Dubbed as “the real deal” and a “voice and style to be reckoned with,” Mills is making everyone take notice. The effusive praise is no surprise given the young man’s natural gifts.

But it’s what people don’t know about the good looking, Alternative Rock/Pop/Hip Hop star that others are beginning to find so compelling.

“Most people don’t know this, but when I was twelve, I met Rick Springfield,” Mills shared recently. He was a very big influence of me musically.” It isn’t hard to see that influence when one listens to the stylings of Mills and sees the passion with which he speaks of his music. Other notable influences include the Arctic Monkeys, Ed Sheeran, and The Police.

The real eye opener, however, is something he’s never shared publicly until now. “I love to cook,” Mills said. “It’s really a passion of mine.  And I’ve been told I’m pretty good at it. I know it may not be as interesting as me playing five instruments or writing and producing my own music, but it’s a big part of who I am.”

The nexus between Mills’ culinary endeavors and his burgeoning music career are apparent. In both, everyone can agree that Quinn Mills  has found a recipe for success.

With three highly acclaimed singles under his belt, featuring “Colours” which has received over 265,000 views on YouTube, Mills is doing more than rattling a few pots and pans. “He’s a real talent,” noted Dan Marshall, CEO of MP Music House. “He’s got everything someone needs to make it big in this business.”

Mills’ continued assault on the music industry has included appearances at legendary venues such as “The Bitter End” and “The Sidewalk Cafe” in New York City, and “The Horseshoe Tavern” in Toronto. Mills has also drawn the attention of several publications, most recently the Region in Durham Ontario which covered the benefit show Mills held in Oshawa for SickKids Foundation.  “It feels good to give something back,” Mills explained. “I have been very fortunate and I appreciate that. I want to use my success in any way I can to make the lives of those less fortunate just a little better.”

That seems to be exactly what Quinn Mills is doing every time he steps into the studio or on stage. And all the attention and notoriety, something some artists find daunting, doesn’t phase Mills in the least.

“I’m good with all of it,” he said. It’s part of the business. It’s to be expected.” He paused and flashed that charming  smile, something that has become one of his signatures.

“Beside, you know what they say. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”

Future plans include a college tour and perhaps a stint in Europe as well. These plans have all who have heard the young superstar eager to learn one thing - what tasty creations will Mills be serving in the weeks and months to come?

My most favourite time of the year!

This is my most favourite time of the year! Although I perform less this time of the year, I absolutely love Christmas, it has always been my favourite holiday! I adore the recurring nostalgia, the lights, the decorations, especially the food! Every year around this time I get to see my family whom I don't see too often and it is truly wonderful.

I wrote an insane amount of new songs this season. About 20 complete new songs I am proud of. I am so excited to mix and produce these and have them released next year! Lately I have been collaborating with several new artists and I am so excited to release these songs! I have been forming a sound and it's very R&B / soul mixed with pop, it has several 80s undertones.

I just got my wisdom teeth out and it was a terrible experience. The surgery itself I remember none of but I now have one side of my face three times bigger than the other. I can't sing and it hurts to smile, which is a shame, however I have taken this opportunity to make some new tracks!

I have a lot of things coming up in 2017 and I am so excited for it! In march I am performing at a songwriter’s showcase in New York which I am ecstatic about! I'm looking to go to Nashville in may and hopefully play some big shows!

I just put a band together and I love my members! I have a new drummer named Chris and he is such a wonderful guy and talented drummer, I am very excited to work with him! My bassist Julian is great as well! I am excited to have them on the team and think I can really achieve the sound I'm looking for now.

I'd like to say Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone reading this! I hope you have a great holiday season and drink lots of eggnog and listen to some nice music :)

I am looking to release a new song I wrote called “Take It” sometime early 2017. I will keep you updated! 

I am finally home!

After a month of living in Brooklyn, New York, I am back in my home town for a couple months. Living in the city was an incredible experience for so many reasons, it was honestly a dream come true.


During the month I spent in New York I had a massive creative spree and ended up writing over 15 songs. Despite what I was doing, new ideas just kept occurring. I stayed up late nearly every night to work on a new demo for the idea that sprung on me that day. I am really falling in love with songwriting. The idea of physically creating an idea that came from your mind into a piece of art that will transcend through time will always infatuate me. I absolutely love to create.


During this trip to New York I was fortunate to play several gigs! My first gig there was at The Sidewalk Cafe, I played with a couple other acts and made some great new friends! I then got to play at a couple other venues and went to several open mics. My last gig was at The Bitter End, which Lady Gaga did a surprise show at a couple days prior. I played my set which was full of songs I wrote, to the audience who seemed to enjoy it quite a lot. Afterwards I met several wonderful people and ended up being invited to play a showcase in March which I am ecstatic about!     


One thing I had to adjust to in New York was using the subway to get around as opposed to a car. We flew down so we didn’t have ours and thus relied on using public transit. The subway in New York is quite impeccable, you can get nearly anywhere in the area on it, although I got a lost a couple times!


During my time in New York I was fortunate enough to have my girlfriend come live with me for a week. She flew down herself to see me, it was absolutely wonderful. When I went to the airport to pick her up I ended up accidently walking to where the celebrities get picked up and saw Robert Kirkman, the writer of The Walking Dead! If I would’ve known he killed of Glenn I would’ve said something! My girlfriend and I went to the giant westfield mall in Manhattan during her time there as well as SOHO, China Town, Times Square, The Central Park Zoo and other cool sites to see in the city.  


I spent a large portion of my time in New York recording my new single “Take It”. The song is coming along really well, I am hoping to release it early next year, it is definitely one of my favourite songs I’ve written all year. I am so excited to put out new music and I can’t wait for people to hear it!


I am going to spend the next couple months gigging around Toronto and writing more songs. I am looking to release a collaboration sometime this winter.

Wow...this past month!

This past month has been a very busy one. In August I went to New York for 10 days to film a documentary! We filmed at several locations including a Brooklyn Rooftop in Redhook, a drive in movie theatre, and near the New York skyline. After several days of hard work and melting in the sun we finally got the product we wanted. It was directed by Sylvia Caminer, and she and her crew was absolutely lovely, I am looking forward to working with them again. I really loved seeing different parts of New York.

The documentary is coming out sometime early next year, I am very excited for people to see it. I am hoping it will showcase many of the songs I have recorded over the past year!

After much thought, I decided to try moving to New York for a month. I am currently living in a tiny apartment in Bedstuy Brooklyn. It is a great tiny neighbourhood with lots of good food. I played my first gig already last night at the Sidewalk Cafe in the east village, one of my favourite parts of New York. I am finally starting to adjust to life in New York. People are very nice here, even though I am quite the social introvert I find it easy and comfortable to talk to people here. I also learned that stop lights mean nothing to New Yorkers. It’s a massive city but full of many wonders.

I played an open mic at The Bitter End today and the open mics in New York are a lot of fun! They have more comics than the open mics in Toronto which I enjoy! Today I saw SOHO as well!

Lately I have been in the studio recording my new song “Take It”. I am looking to release it sometime early next year. It is kind of a BB King meets Stevie Wonder meets modern day music. I have been writing a lot of new songs lately, I am starting to form my own sound, as well as improve my knowledge of ProTools. I have been studying a lot of different artists and their approach to creating music and producing and trying to absorbing as much information as possible. Some of my favourite artists at the moment are Kanye West and the Weeknd. They are both very innovative musically.

During this month in New York I am going to hit as many open mics as possible as well as record several new songs! I recently wrote a new song called Widow Maker which is about a girl who would make men fall in love with her and then quickly end things by killing him and moving on. I am hoping to network lots and really promote my single James Dean! Which is available on itunes and pandora by the way :)

I hope you have a wonderful day, will be updating more soon, take care! 

“James Dean” has finally been released on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music

Welcome back! I hope you are having a wonderful summer, personally this past month has been a frantic one.

Firstly, I am very proud to announce my debut single “James Dean” has finally been released on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and other sites! After working on it for over a year and a half it is finally out!

Apart from that wonderful bit of news, I have been powering through all of grade 11 chemistry in the span of a month. I do internet school which means there are no due dates (but all courses must be completed in a year) and being the procrastinator that I am I left this subject with only a month to spare, and now with only a week left to complete three units I am very distressed.

One thing I am heavily looking forward to is coming to New York this summer! I'm filming a music video for my new single “James Dean” and recording some new music! I can't wait for you all to see the video, It's being directed by award winning director Sylvia Caminer! She has brilliant ideas and I can't wait to see what she creates!

I've been writing some new music lately, I'm starting to form a sound. I can't wait to release some more music!

On a side note I am doing a small meet and greet this Sunday at the Pickering Town Centre at 2 PM, If you're reading this I hope to see you there! :) I can't wait to meet some lovely fans!! :)

Canada day passed recently and I played a gig outdoors that day! It was raining and I had a tent blowing me half off the stage every five seconds but it was tons of fun. I've been working a lot on perfecting my set lately and have been listening to a ton of soul music!

I really hope your summer is wonderful and I will update you in a couple weeks on the filming of the video!! My apologies for the

"My very first blog"

This is my very first blog and I'm very new to this. I can usually condense my feelings and experiences into a song however a blog differs quite a lot. As this is my first blog I will introduce myself for I believe that it is the polite thing to do. My name is Quinn Mills, I am a Canadian singer songwriter and I am very passionate about the creation and performance of music. I love it. I love everything about it. I think possessing the ability to create something that will transcend through time for centuries after your lifetime is a gift that I am very lucky to have. I also love listening to music. Ed Sheeran, The Weeknd, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Childish Gambino, Lorde and The Lumineers are my absolute favourite artists, I thoroughly enjoy listening to them.

As I was saying, I'm an artist and over this past year I have been busy creating an EP. I have no idea what it's called yet BUT one song on there is my single and it's called “James Dean”. It's a cool song, I hope you like it, go buy it! Anywho, yes I've been creating this EP and writing a ton of songs. I love to write songs and perform them, there's no better feeling than completing a song you're very passionate about or nailing it live. I use a loop pedal so it's very satisfying when I nail it live!

These past months I've been playing all over Ontario and Northern America and it's been quite some fun. I went to Portland, Connecticut, Vermont (woot woot I feel the Bern), and New York. I've met a lot of Americans and I like Americans, especially their food. They have lots of it and I love it. I ate at this one place in Portland and I had a lobster roll, I recommend everybody take a break from what you're doing and go have a lobster roll. It looks disgusting and smells kinda funky but you will like it, I promise. Furthermore I've been travelling and playing “James Dean” all over! The other day I was at the first public playing of “James Dean” in Oshawa at a youth dance and they really liked the song! I stayed a spoke with some new people I met there and had a lovely time.

Anyways let's talk about New York. I love New York. When I first went to the city I felt a wonderful feeling inside, the feeling of endless opportunity, happiness, and life. The city never ends, you could walk for days and you'll still be in the city. There's always something to do and always something different to see, I absolutely love it!

Another thing I'm really passionate about besides music is comedy, I love stand up comedy. My favourite comedian is Louis C.K, I love his views on everything. I would love to see him perform live someday. I once attempted to do stand up comedy but I figured I should stick to music.

I will be posting more blogs and updates on my life, I hope you enjoyed my first one, have a wonderful week! 


PICKERING, ON - February 15, 2016– 16 year-old singer-songwriter Quinn Mills will be one of the opening acts for Steve Strongman at Durham’s Winter Blues Concert.  The show will be held at the Pickering Recreation Complex at 7:00PM on February 27, 2016. This performance will be held in support of Joanne's House, Durham Region's only youth shelter. 


Ontario native, Quinn Mills writes original songs that have catchy melodies and lyrical depth beyond his years. Mills is a gifted guitarist and plays keyboards, bass and drums.  Quinn is now being managed by MP Music House and is finishing his new EP that he recorded in Nashville and New York. 


Along with the performances of the night, the $45 ticket includes dinner and a cash bar, along with a night of dancing. All proceeds from Durham’s Winter Blues Concert are in support of Joanne’s House, which provides much-needed shelter, housing and support services to meet the needs of homeless and at-risk youth. All youth have a place to call home where they feel welcomed, accepted and valued ­– and where they are equal as partners in creating a better community.


For more information on Quinn Mills and his music visit his website and check out his Twitter and Instagram using the handle @QuinnyMills. For tickets and any additional information on the Durham’s Winter Blues Concert can be found at