I am finally home!

After a month of living in Brooklyn, New York, I am back in my home town for a couple months. Living in the city was an incredible experience for so many reasons, it was honestly a dream come true.


During the month I spent in New York I had a massive creative spree and ended up writing over 15 songs. Despite what I was doing, new ideas just kept occurring. I stayed up late nearly every night to work on a new demo for the idea that sprung on me that day. I am really falling in love with songwriting. The idea of physically creating an idea that came from your mind into a piece of art that will transcend through time will always infatuate me. I absolutely love to create.


During this trip to New York I was fortunate to play several gigs! My first gig there was at The Sidewalk Cafe, I played with a couple other acts and made some great new friends! I then got to play at a couple other venues and went to several open mics. My last gig was at The Bitter End, which Lady Gaga did a surprise show at a couple days prior. I played my set which was full of songs I wrote, to the audience who seemed to enjoy it quite a lot. Afterwards I met several wonderful people and ended up being invited to play a showcase in March which I am ecstatic about!     


One thing I had to adjust to in New York was using the subway to get around as opposed to a car. We flew down so we didn’t have ours and thus relied on using public transit. The subway in New York is quite impeccable, you can get nearly anywhere in the area on it, although I got a lost a couple times!


During my time in New York I was fortunate enough to have my girlfriend come live with me for a week. She flew down herself to see me, it was absolutely wonderful. When I went to the airport to pick her up I ended up accidently walking to where the celebrities get picked up and saw Robert Kirkman, the writer of The Walking Dead! If I would’ve known he killed of Glenn I would’ve said something! My girlfriend and I went to the giant westfield mall in Manhattan during her time there as well as SOHO, China Town, Times Square, The Central Park Zoo and other cool sites to see in the city.  


I spent a large portion of my time in New York recording my new single “Take It”. The song is coming along really well, I am hoping to release it early next year, it is definitely one of my favourite songs I’ve written all year. I am so excited to put out new music and I can’t wait for people to hear it!


I am going to spend the next couple months gigging around Toronto and writing more songs. I am looking to release a collaboration sometime this winter.