My most favourite time of the year!

This is my most favourite time of the year! Although I perform less this time of the year, I absolutely love Christmas, it has always been my favourite holiday! I adore the recurring nostalgia, the lights, the decorations, especially the food! Every year around this time I get to see my family whom I don't see too often and it is truly wonderful.

I wrote an insane amount of new songs this season. About 20 complete new songs I am proud of. I am so excited to mix and produce these and have them released next year! Lately I have been collaborating with several new artists and I am so excited to release these songs! I have been forming a sound and it's very R&B / soul mixed with pop, it has several 80s undertones.

I just got my wisdom teeth out and it was a terrible experience. The surgery itself I remember none of but I now have one side of my face three times bigger than the other. I can't sing and it hurts to smile, which is a shame, however I have taken this opportunity to make some new tracks!

I have a lot of things coming up in 2017 and I am so excited for it! In march I am performing at a songwriter’s showcase in New York which I am ecstatic about! I'm looking to go to Nashville in may and hopefully play some big shows!

I just put a band together and I love my members! I have a new drummer named Chris and he is such a wonderful guy and talented drummer, I am very excited to work with him! My bassist Julian is great as well! I am excited to have them on the team and think I can really achieve the sound I'm looking for now.

I'd like to say Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone reading this! I hope you have a great holiday season and drink lots of eggnog and listen to some nice music :)

I am looking to release a new song I wrote called “Take It” sometime early 2017. I will keep you updated!