"My very first blog"

This is my very first blog and I'm very new to this. I can usually condense my feelings and experiences into a song however a blog differs quite a lot. As this is my first blog I will introduce myself for I believe that it is the polite thing to do. My name is Quinn Mills, I am a Canadian singer songwriter and I am very passionate about the creation and performance of music. I love it. I love everything about it. I think possessing the ability to create something that will transcend through time for centuries after your lifetime is a gift that I am very lucky to have. I also love listening to music. Ed Sheeran, The Weeknd, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Childish Gambino, Lorde and The Lumineers are my absolute favourite artists, I thoroughly enjoy listening to them.

As I was saying, I'm an artist and over this past year I have been busy creating an EP. I have no idea what it's called yet BUT one song on there is my single and it's called “James Dean”. It's a cool song, I hope you like it, go buy it! Anywho, yes I've been creating this EP and writing a ton of songs. I love to write songs and perform them, there's no better feeling than completing a song you're very passionate about or nailing it live. I use a loop pedal so it's very satisfying when I nail it live!

These past months I've been playing all over Ontario and Northern America and it's been quite some fun. I went to Portland, Connecticut, Vermont (woot woot I feel the Bern), and New York. I've met a lot of Americans and I like Americans, especially their food. They have lots of it and I love it. I ate at this one place in Portland and I had a lobster roll, I recommend everybody take a break from what you're doing and go have a lobster roll. It looks disgusting and smells kinda funky but you will like it, I promise. Furthermore I've been travelling and playing “James Dean” all over! The other day I was at the first public playing of “James Dean” in Oshawa at a youth dance and they really liked the song! I stayed a spoke with some new people I met there and had a lovely time.

Anyways let's talk about New York. I love New York. When I first went to the city I felt a wonderful feeling inside, the feeling of endless opportunity, happiness, and life. The city never ends, you could walk for days and you'll still be in the city. There's always something to do and always something different to see, I absolutely love it!

Another thing I'm really passionate about besides music is comedy, I love stand up comedy. My favourite comedian is Louis C.K, I love his views on everything. I would love to see him perform live someday. I once attempted to do stand up comedy but I figured I should stick to music.

I will be posting more blogs and updates on my life, I hope you enjoyed my first one, have a wonderful week!