“Quinn Mills is the REAL DEAL!” That’s high praise for the 18 year old singer-songwriter coming from professional musician/producer Buddy Hyatt. Mills is living up to that praise. He has already released three singles, “James Dean”,“Take It”, and "Colours", and played legendary venues like The Bitter End, Pete’s Candy and The Sidewalk Café in New York, and The Silver Dollar Room, The Piston, and The Linsmore Tavern in Toronto. He has even performed at the highly esteemed New York Songwriters’ Circle Showcase. Mills has worked with some of the best in the music business: Buddy Hyatt (Toto), Nir Z (studio drummer for John Mayer and Jason Mraz), and Chad Cromwell (Neil Young’s drummer.)


Born August 2, 1999 in Ajax, Ontario Canada, Mills is a gifted guitarist who writes pop, R&B songs that have catchy melodies and lyrical depth beyond his years. At 16 years old, Mills was signed by Dan Marshall and Tom Petrone to a management and publishing deal with their company MP Music House. Mills also plays keyboards, bass and drums, and even produces his own songs. Mills is now backed by an incredibly talented back up band, The Common Era, with 25 year old Chris Buysse on drums and 19 year old Julian Guzman on bass. Recorded at the renowned Orange Lounge Studio in Toronto, QUINN MILLS & THE COMMON ERA's  first album is due for release this winter.

Drummer Chris Buysse was just 17 years old when his band “Apollo The Hunter” played at the Molson Amphitheatre for the Vans Warp Tour. Born January 8, 1992 in Ireland, Buysse moved to Kitchener, Ontario with his family as a baby and grew up in Cambridge. Buysse started playing drums at the age of 6 and is self-taught. He started in his first band, “Incentive” at age 12. The childhood friends played together for 6 years and even opened up for “Ill Scarlet” at Club NV nightclub. Buysse’s next band was an indie pop band called “Apollo The Hunter” . At 19, Buysse played with  pop-punk band “Slow Motion Victory” who were in the “Disband” contest with Much Music. Buysse then played with “Electrohome Nomad” who ran an open mic in Kitchener and played the Kitchener-Waterloo Blues Fest with Serena Ryder. The band was together for 6 months. Buysse then played in “Hey Brother” briefly in 2012.


Bassist Julian Guzman is self-taught on bass and guitar. Guzman was born January 20, 1998 in Toronto, Ontario and lived there until 2009 before moving to Whitby. He started playing guitar at age 13 and then bass at age 15. Guzman took lessons for only 3 months and then self-taught. At 16, Guzman joined “Surf Cactus” and performed locally as well as recorded two EPs and a full length album. They played legendary Toronto venues such as the Opera House, Sneaky Dee’s, Mel Lastman Square and the Rockpile West. Guzman is inspired by bands such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Parliament Funk , The 1975, and Death From Above 1979. Guzman also played guitar in the local band “We Are X”. 


In December 2016, Buysse posted a Kijiji ad looking for musicians to perform with. Mills’ tour manager responded to that ad. Buysse joined Mills and they began looking for a bass player. Bassist Julian Guzman responded to their Kijiji ad. “Quinn Mills & The Common Era” was born.